Texas Leads US in ATV Related Deaths

Texas has recorded more ATV deaths than any other state. If you or a loved one was injured by someone's unsafe operation of an ATV, contact us today.

Summer Boating Tips

In many ways, the rules involving boating mirror those that govern the way your drive your car. Click here for some summer boating tips.

Followup: New Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder

Last year, we highlighted some of the verdicts being awarded against Johnson & Johnson and their talcum powder products. Combined, two of the biggest awards amounted to a little over $100 million

The Danger of Hospital Infections

Infections obtained in hospitals can be dangerous or deadly and are often difficult to prove. Our medical malpractice experts can help.

Your Emergency Room Rights

Do you know the basic rights you are supposed to be given by most emergency rooms? Any hospital that accepts Medicare from the federal government is required to provide a base level of service to all