3 Helpful Facts for Telling Between a Good Surgeon and a Bad One

Getting surgery performed on you is a big deal, and for most people, it doesn’t happen very often.
It can affect many aspects of your life so it’s important that you’re careful to find the best surgeon for your needs.
What some people don’t think about when selecting their surgeon is that not all of them are created equal.
If your surgeon has received a large number of patient complaints, it’s likely that you will also experience surgical complications as a result of their bad service.
Three helpful facts about how bad surgeons can create bad medical experiences: 

  1. Unhappy surgery patients that experienced rude behavior from their doctor are more likely to sue the surgeon in the event of a surgery error or complication.
  2. A disrespectful surgeon can negatively affect the entire surgical team and possibly lead to more medical errors.
  3. According to a study by The Journal of American Medical Association. Patients treated by a surgeon who had many negative patient observations experienced 14% more complications.

Because of these facts we want to remind you all to always read reviews and look around for the best surgeon in your area. You are about to start a lengthy process to get to optimal health, but the most important step is deciding on the surgeon who will bring about the best results.
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