Are Births By C-Section Too Common?

If a mother giving birth is at low-risk for any complications should she still receive a c-section?
The obvious answer would seem to be no, but according to some hospitals, the answer is a perplexing yes. In California low-risk c-sections occur 11.5% to 68.8% of the time.
Some of the varying details that contribute to the final decision are:
1. The size of the baby
2. The pattern on the fetal heart rate monitor
3. Labor progress
4. The hospital
5. Personal preferences
Consumer reports indicate that the odds for an expectant mother to have a c-section are over 9 times higher if you choose the wrong hospital. This is an issue for many mothers because c-sections do have some risks to babies, and can create some complications to the mother.
Some of the risks associated with C-sections include:
1. Hemorrhage
2. Infection
3. Post-partum depression
Also, keep in mind that first-time mothers are at a greater risk for needing a c-section if their first birth results in a  c-section.
In hospitals that have a low rate of c-section, it’s important to note that they also tend to have doctors who work shifts and earn a salary. The doctors in this situation are at the hospital no matter what and tend to be more patient with women in labor. The large difference in percentage is in direct correlation to the higher cost of c-section as opposed to a natural delivery. Doctors and hospitals simply earn more income when they recommend patients to surgery for their birth process.
We know the frustration this can cause families who are most likely too distracted and excited to think of these issues in the heat of the moment. Giving birth to your child is a big deal and it’s important for each of us to spread the word about these issues to everyone in our community.
If you or someone you know has suffered from an unnecessary c-section please don’t hesitate to call our office today for a free consultation. We will work with you to make sure you get the help you need for yourself and your new little family member. (903) 526-1600