John F. "Jack" Walker, III, Esq. Inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers

John F. “Jack” Walker, III, Esq. of Martin Walker P.C. in Tyler, TX was recently inducted into the International Academy of Trial Lawyers (IATL) at their Annual Meeting held March 18-21, 2015.
The International Academy of Trial Lawyers limits membership to 500 Fellows from the United States. The Academy seeks out, identifies, acknowledges and honors those who have achieved a career of excellence through demonstrated skill and ability in jury trials, trials before the court and appellate practice. Members are engaged in civil practice on both the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s side of the courtroom, and the trial of criminal cases. The Academy invites only lawyers who have attained the highest level of advocacy. A comprehensive screening process identifies the most distinguished members of the trial bar by means of both peer and judicial review. Mr. Walker has been evaluated by his colleagues and the judges in his jurisdiction and has been highly recommended by them as possessing these qualifications and characteristics.
Chartered in 1954, the Academy’s general purposes are to cultivate the science of jurisprudence, promote reforms in the law, facilitate the Administration of Justice, and elevate the standards of integrity, honor and courtesy in the legal profession.
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Chinese-made Laminate Flooring Claims Dangerous Levels of Formaldehyde

Lumber Liquidators Claims Dangerous Levels of Formaldehyde in Hardwood Flooring.


Chinese-made Laminate Flooring Claims.

If you have hardwood laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators, you may have a product emitting dangerous levels of formaldehyde in your home.
According to a recent program run by CBS’s 60 Minutes, Lumber Liquidators Chinese-made laminate flooring may fail to meet health and safety standards because it exceeds regulated limits on formaldehyde content, as high as 20 x the legal limit.
Formaldehyde is found in the cheap glues in the Chinese-made laminate flooring, used to bind the wood particles together to make the boards. The formaldehyde leaks into the air causing homes to become polluted.

Formaldehyde is found in the cheap glues in the Chinese-made laminate flooring, used to bind the wood particles together to make the boards. The formaldehyde leaks into the air causing homes to become polluted.
Chronic formaldehyde exposure is a known carcinogen, linked to chronic respiratory irritation, changes in lung function, increased risk of asthma. Repeated inhalation is associated with nasal and nasopharangeal cancer. Children are especially susceptible.
It’s believed that hundreds of thousands of homes, nationwide, have this Chinese-made laminate flooring.

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Schouten to Present Seminar at Advanced Medical Torts 2015; A Texas Bar CLE

Schouten to Present Seminar
at Advanced Medical Torts 2015;
A Texas Bar CLE

Marisa Schouten

Marisa Schouten is presenting a seminar on statute of limitations at the 22nd Annual Advanced Medical Torts Course. The course is designed for advanced practitioners dealing with health care claims, and strives to bring current, relevant information to practicing attorneys. Over 20 top litigators in the medical torts field will speak on topics addressing legislative updates, emergency room cases, medical devices and more.

Schouten’s presentation will focus on statute of limitations and statute of repose issues that uniquely effect medical claims in Texas. The presentation includes a seminar paper with updates such as the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Tenet Hosps. Ltd. v. Rivera, 445 S.W.3d 698 (Tex. 2014).

In Tenet Hospitals, an expectant mother was nine months pregnant when she checked in to, and was discharged from, the emergency room of a hospital despite complications. Id. at 700-01. She returned the following day, concerned about decreased fetal movement, and an emergency C-section was immediately performed. Id. The baby lacked oxygen and suffered permanent neurological disabilities. Id. The medical liability act contains an absolute ten year statute of repose, which requires all claimants to bring suit within 10 years of the date of injury, regardless of whether they are a child or mentally incompetent, or just unaware that an injury had occurred. CIV. PRAC. & REM. CODE ANN. §74.251(b).

Tenet Hospitals addresses an open courts, “as applied” challenge to the statute of repose on behalf of the baby. Tenet Hosps., 445 S.W.3d at 704-05. Ultimately, the Supreme Court declined to address whether the statute of repose is constitutional, and found instead that the open courts challenge to 74.251 (b) failed for lack of diligence. Id. The question of whether the statute of repose is constitutional with regard to minors remains open. These issues and more will be addressed in the statute of limitations seminar.

The course is a two-day seminar, and takes place in San Antonio, Texas from March 12-13, 2015. For more information about the seminar, and a schedule of events, click here.

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Jack Walker Elected to Texas Trial Lawyers Association Board of Directors

Jack Walker Elected to Texas Trial Lawyers Association Board of Directors

Martin Walker is proud to announce that Jack Walker has been elected to the Board of Directors and appointed to serve on the Executive Committee for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. The Texas Trial Lawyers Association is a member organization comprised founded in 1949 to protect the rights of Texas' families. TTLA is on the front line of defending the civil justice system and the right to trial by jury in Texas. TTLA works steadfastly to ensure that ordinary citizens always have a voice in the legislative process.

Athens Jury Returns $600,000 Verdict in Serious Injury, Auto Accident Case

Athens Jury Returns $600,000 Verdict in Serious Injury, Auto Accident Case

On February 12, 2015, Martin Walker, P.C. obtained a $603,000 verdict in an auto collision case in Athens, Texas.
Jack Walker of Martin Walker, P.C., represented Michael Shayne Hall against Randall Cody Gilcrease, an on-duty employee of Chandler Drug, LLC regarding a wreck Mr. Gilcrease caused on May 29, 2013. The trial lasted three days, and the jury returned a verdict of $603,000.00.
On May 29, 2013, Mr. Gilcrease failed to pay attention to the traffic ahead and failed to control his speed, and he rear-ended Mr. Hall at a high rate of speed, causing Mr. Hall’s vehicle to spin off the road.
The photographs illustrate the wreck’s severity:

Auto Accident case
Auto Accident case
Auto Accident case

Mr. Hall’s injuries were severe, and he required surgical care, including a thoracic surgery (discectomy and fusion) performed in October 2014. Mr. Hall additionally needed a future cervical surgery (discectomy and fusion).


Tyler Attorney Jack Walker Receives The 2014 Reich Chandler Outstanding Advocate Award


Tyler Attorney Jack Walker Receives The 2014 Reich Chandler Outstanding Advocate Award

(Tyler, Texas) Dec. 8, 2014- Jack Walker, attorney and partner at Martin Walker, P.C. in Tyler, Texas, received the 2014 Reich Chandler Outstanding Advocate Award from the
Texas Trial Lawyers Association (TTLA). Walker was awarded the 2014 Reich Chandler Outstanding Advocate Award for his commitment to ethics and professionalism in the practice of law and his untiring devotion to the rights of his clients.
George Chandler, noted Texas trial lawyer, recent inductee into the State Bar of Texas Legal Legends, and father of Reich Chandler, presented this award to Walker at a ceremony in Austin, Texas, on December 4, 2014. It was an honor for Walker to receive this award. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, Walker has dedicated his time and efforts to pursuing justice for those who have been injured and fighting to maintain their right to full and fair recovery through advocacy.
Walker is board-certified in personal injury trial law by The Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Walker is also an active member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, serving as the 2014 President of the East Texas Chapter.
Reich Chandler Award Photo 3
Jack Walker is happily married to Andrea, and they have three children. Walker holds an undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin and a Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law, where he received the
American Jurisprudence Award for Agency and Partnership, he was a member of the Order of the Lytae, and the Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity.
Martin Walker, P.C. is based in Tyler, Texas. The attorneys at Martin Walker, P.C. are passionate about fighting for the rights of the people and businesses of East Texas.
Martin Walker, P .C. specializes in all types of civil litigation-car and truck wrecks, product liability, oil field injuries and medical malpractice.
Martin Walker, P.C. holds a strong commitment to the Tyler community and recently finished remodeling the Arcadia Theater, a part of historic downtown Tyler and a point of pride for the community.

Reich Chandler Award Photo 1

About the Reich Chandler Award

The award is named in honor of Reich Chandler, former Advocates Committee Chair and Secretary Treasurer of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, who set the standard for excellence for all Texas Advocates.
Reich Chandler was a father, a husband, an outstanding tennis player and a dedicated lawyer before he lost his battle with cancer in 2006. This annual award is given in his memory to
the advocate who has continued to follow chandler's example, striving toward:

  • Living a balanced life, one that puts family first and foremost,
  • Building a strong connection to one's own faith so that it may serve as both a
    guide and anchor,
  • Recognizing the strength and importance of tradition, and
  • Dedicating one's self to professionalism and ethics in the practice of law and the
    pursuit of what is right and just, regardless of the consequences.

Recipients of the award are recognized by their peers to exemplify all four of these characteristics.
TTLA was founded in 1949 with a mission to protect the rights of Texas families and promote excellence in trial advocacy and the legal profession. As large companies fight for legal protections that would insulate them from accountability for injuries caused by their negligence, the ITLA fights to maintain the rights of those who are injured and seek to hold these companies responsible. For more inf01mation on this organization, please

Martin And Walker Featured in Tyler Paper

Martin and Walker PC in Downtown Tyler Texas is getting in the holiday spirit painting a Christmas Scene featuring the Grinch and Santa Claus on the front Windows at our office.

Read More of the article by clicking here

Photo By : Sarah A. Miller / Tyler Morning Telegraph
Article Source : Tyler Morning Telegraph

Deadly Roads- See how traffic incidents are spiking up

Deadly Road- See how traffic incidents are spiking up

It is undoubtedly true that traffic accidents are a daily occurrence. America has some of the highest percentages recorded for traffic accidents. However, in the recent years, drilling areas are known to increase the number of deadly road accidents. The large containers that are known to transfer harmful substances are unable to keep their control on roads that are either usually under construction or not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of these containers. The massive increase in road fatalities has been recorded since 2009. The increase has been tremendous since 2009 and onwards until this day and if measures are not taken to curtail the casualties, then these fatalities will continually rise.
The reason behind these ill-handled roads is the fact that the boom in gas and oil has caused these roads to wear down a great deal leading to the wear and tear and the need for repair. There is also a demand for the creation of roads, which are strong enough to withstand the pressure of an 18-wheeler truck container full of drums of oil and gas. In fact, last year, commercial trucks like Ford were involved in 1/3rd of traffic fatalities that arose from the drilling operations necessary for the extraction of oil and gas, buried deep in the Texas grounds.
Besides the deadly road consequences of the drilling operations, they are also generally harmful to the environment introducing a variety of health hazards that need to be curtailed before due time. People who reside close to where the drilling actually began have been complaining of nose bleeds, headaches and intense body aches which are a major consequence of these operations. The oil companies that are participants in the Ford Eagle Shale operation are mindful of the health hazards posed by their drilling and they are taking preventive measures to transform this operation into an economical and environmentally friendly operation.
Therefore, as long as Texas shows potential for oil and gas, the drilling operations will continue until all the resources are extracted out of the grounds and once the operation comes to an end, the state will return to its quiet way of life. However, the question that needs to be addressed is the need to reduce the traffic accidents that are resulting due to this incident. It is mandatory to put an end to these accidents where innocent lives are being compromised at the greed that has consumed the authority and government responsible for these drilling operations.