Black Friday is a time for great deals and special offers, but also a time for long lines and crowded stores. And crowded roads too!

A few years back one of the major auto insurance companies went through their records and tallied up some frightening statistics. It turns out it’s not just Black Friday you need to watch out for, it’s all of Thanksgiving week.

For instance, on average, traffic accidents jump by 25% on the day before Thanksgiving. But, for Texas, that jump is closer to the 40% mark. A lot of the accidents involve hitting stationary objects, perhaps showing that harried nerves, low low deals, and parking lots do not mix.

That trend of parking lot accidents becomes even more clear starting Thanksgiving evening and extending through Black Friday. More than a third of car insurance claims involved backing into objects or hitting other vehicles while parking. People rushing for the best deals of the year can be a bit dangerous, it seems.

The last major statistic given involved the Sunday after Thanksgiving. With so much family travel for the holiday, it only seems natural that out of state accidents jump to some of the highest levels of the years. Clogged roads and drivers in unfamiliar locations don’t mix. In fact, the number of claims dropped off by almost 40% for drivers traveling back Monday instead of Sunday. Even the Saturday after Thanksgiving is far safer than Sunday.

If you do need to get on the roads this Thanksgiving week, for shopping or travel, be patient, watch out for others, and give yourself a little extra time to get where you are going. Taking an extra half hour could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on car repairs and, according to the statistics, will certainly help keep you safe.