Dangers of Keyless Ignitions

Cars equipped with keyless ignitions feel like something out of the future. With just one button press you can start or stop the engine. But what happens when you walk away and take your “key” with you? In an ordinary car, having the key means the car is safely off, but that’s not always the case with cars that feature keyless ignitions. Some will continue to run long after you’ve closed the door and gone inside which can result in significant injury or even death. Our own Marisa Schouten was recently interviewed by CBS 19 on this very issue.
Car manufactures claim that their keyless ignition systems are safe, but keyless ignitions have already been linked to injuries and deaths across the country. If you or someone you know has been harmed by carbon monoxide build up or other injury related to a car with a keyless ignition give us a call. The experienced team at Martin and Walker can assist you.
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