For years now, car manufactures have been recalling their vehicles to replace faulty airbags made by the Takata Corporation. Not only have millions of cars been recalled, there have been some twenty deaths and many more injuries related to bad Takata airbag inflators that can throw metal shards at the driver or passenger they were supposed to protect.

Recently, Mazda issued a second recall of some of their cars to again fix airbag issues stemming from Takata’s bad design. As it turns out, in the early days of recalls, Takata simply replace known bad airbag units with ones of the same design. Those replacements also could go bad and result in the same types of injuries. This second recall from Mazda replaces the bad design with a new design that will hopefully eliminate the danger once and for all.

The important thing for drivers here is to keep paying attention to recall notices, even if they are for a part that was previously recalled. Sometimes a recall can be done improperly or the new part can have similar or even different and worse issues than the part being recalled. Even if you do not own a Mazda it is possible that similar second recalls could happen with other manufacturers as well.