Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Improve The Health System

We like to remind East Texans of why we do what we do. It’s hard to deny the facts, and when displayed in an intelligent way they can show reality in a clear and obvious way even to the deniers. Medical Malpractice cases are not frivolous and do not happen without cause. They are in fact extremely valuable assets that positively affect the quality and safety of patients in medical care.

There are a small number of doctors and hospitals that have poor standards of practice, and these are the practitioners hit the most by medical malpractice suits. These suits happen not only because of bad doctors, but because of faulty systems, processes, or colleagues who can’t, won’t and don’t fix the problems they see around them. Problems caused by doctors, hospitals, Big Pharma, medical device makers, and insurers. Studies summarized in the Cj&D indicate that past performance by doctors is a great way of predicting how they will perform in the future.

That being said, most cases of medical malpractice only affect doctors who have shown repeated mistakes. With all that in mind, there still seems to be a stigma around medical malpractice suits. The medical industry seems to put more emphasis on making these cases seem like a waste of time, instead of trying to fix their own internal issues that harm patients. The CJ&D also reported that sometimes when a doctor loses his license to practice in one state, they may then move to another state and keep their practice. It seems that hospitals make more of an effort to protect themselves than their patients when they discover malpractice from doctors or nurses working in their facilities. There seems to be an extreme amount of personal and financial risk for patients dealing with the uncertainties of modern medical care. That is why there are Law firms like Martin Walker Law protecting East Texans from this type of situation.

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