Tough Times for Oilfield Workers

Times have been tough for the oil industry the last few years. Following the development of new technologies that allowed companies to extract oil from previously unreachable places, the price of that oil has now dropped some 60 – 70%. Suddenly, investments that looked like sure things were leading to massive layoffs and a long string of bankruptcies. In Texas alone, over 84,000 oil workers have lost their jobs since the oil bust in 2015. Additionally, 21 Texas oil companies have filed for bankruptcy in 2016 alone. The number comes to 63 or more since 2015. One can’t help feel for all those that have lost their jobs in the last few years, but there is a second group of oil field workers that we need to be concerned about: The ones still on the job.
As workers get laid off and companies go out of business, those still on the job face the prospects of reduced pay, longer hours, tougher working conditions, and, sometimes, a drive to cut “unnecessary costs” like routine equipment checks or more stringent safety procedures. The problem, of course, is those “unnecessary costs” often are necessary. And when something goes wrong, the company that has already been cutting its costs wherever it can is not usually going to be the first to step up to help.
Unfortunately, all too often, oil companies are set up from the beginning to deflect blame and limit their liability in cases of an accident or mishap. In the worst cases, instead of doing all they can to help, oil companies will try and insulate themselves from blame with teams of lawyers and confusing work agreements. What can an oil field worker, especially one who has already been injured on the job, do against that?
If you’ve been injured as part of an oil field accident, one of the best things you can do is find a law firm in your area who knows the challenges of working in the oil and gas industry. One who will focus on your case and is prepared to take it all the way to trial.
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